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Complaints procedure

The right to raise a complaint

If the purchased goods are damaged, the buyer has the right to raise a complaint. It is necessary for the goods to be clean, complete and in compliance with general hygiene principles. The buyer is compulsory to use the goods according to the generally known rules, as well as according to the requirements determined for the use and treatment of goods in compliance with its natural lifespan.

How to raise a complaint

You can raise a complaint in writing, by e-mail or send it to this address: Michaela Bednárová, Starý trh 43, 06001 Kežmarok. The reclaimed goods can be delivered by Slovak post or by a courrier. The complaint must contain written description of the damage, which is a subject of the complaint and the purchase receipt.

Seller’s responsibility

The seller is responsible for the quality of the goods and their properties must answer the demands, legal principles and the purpose. The seller is also responsible for the imperfections, which occured during guarantee period.

The seller is not responsible for the defects:

if the defect was caused by the buyerif the buyer knew about the defect before the purchaseif the buyer was given a discount on the goodsIf the goods were damaged due to improper use (i.e. contrary to the instructions for use) If the goods were damaged due to unprofessional manipulationif the colour of the material does not exactly correspond with the colour on the internet according to which the product was purchasedif the image on the cloth does not exactly correspond with the photo according to which the product was ordered, because each product of Puojd is an original.

Once the complaint is accepted, a letter of complaint is issued containing the date of acceptance, what kind of goods is reclaimed, when and where the goods were purchased, what defect has occurred and the price of the goods at the purchase. The letter of complaint is sent to the buyer by e-mail. The seller has to examine the reclaimed goods and decides about the complaint, in more complicated cases it may take up to three days. The seller settles the complaint up to 30 days.

Guarantee period

The guarantee period is 24 months from the acceptance of goods. The guarantee period may be longer if it is marked on the goods, on the packaging, or in the guarantee letter. If the claim is provided with repair, guarantee period is extended for the time from the fulfilment of claim to the day, when the consumer is compulsory to take over the goods, even if they did not. If the complaint is provided with exchange of goods, new guarantee period runs from the date when the goods were delivered, respectively sent to the buyer. If the complaint of defective goods is not applied within the guarantee period, the law of liability for defects expires. The buyer will be informed about the complaint in person, by phone or e-mail.

Consumer’s rights

During the guarantee period the consumer is entitled to have the faults remedied free of charge, properly and in time. If the defect is impossible to be removed and if it prevents the normal use of the item, the buyer has the right to exchange the item or has the right to withdraw from the purchase and demand the refund of the purchase price. If the defect is removable, but occurs again after the repair, which prevent the consumer from using the item, the consumer has the right for exchange or for the refund of the purchase price. If the defect is unremovable and prevents the consumer from using the item, the consumer is entitled to a appropriate discount on the price of goods.