Talks on Fashion, Part Two Michaela Bednárová
Puojd s.r.o, April 26, 2017

Fashion as a topic is a massive complex comprising not just authors, sellers, and buyers; but also events that highlight and help it cultivate. The Slovak event number one in this sector is undoubtedly Fashion LIVE! that came to be on the “ruins” of the past Bratislava Fashion Weekend.

Zorka Husarčíková, the brain behind Fashion Live!, is one of the strong women who are not afraid to seize a challenging opportunity. She’s a Cultural Studies and International Relations graduate. She was involved in some diverse projects from starting-up a chocolate factory to provisioning showrooms, and fashion shows for the pride of Slovak fashion – the NEHERA brand.

Fashion LIVE! Organiser, Zora Husarčíková, Photo: Marika Beňadik Majorová (Tonbogirl)
Fashion LIVE! Organiser, Zora Husarčíková, Photo: Marika Beňadik Majorová (Tonbogirl)
In our universal Versatil Dress in black version in contrast with a bright Fach atrium, photos by Marika Beňadik Majorová and Juliana Summerling interviewed Zorka for Puojd.

For a couple of years, thanks to you, Fashion LIVE! is transforming from the initial idea to a fashion event taking a couple of days. How has the FL! changed your view of the local production and fashion in general?

I got a more intimate idea of the local fashion scene. I know about the issues designers are struggling with, what limitations they encounter. I’ve experienced many of them myself, for example, as a daughter of a garment company owner with 70 employees, who could either move production to fast fashion Made in Bangladesh or cease to exist. Or at the birth of the NEHERA brand which was aware of the fact that it needs to cross the borders of our market.
As I’m answering this question, I wonder if it isn’t my downside too … Sometimes, we are so absorbed by all the limitations that we do not see the possibilities that may be lying just in front of us ...

Fashion LIVE! doesn’t follow the Fashion Week calendar, it shows both SS and also AW collections, or collections that wipe off these seasons altogether.

Yes, it doesn’t, but that has a more prosaic reason. Since the works of our designers aren’t tied to production, the designers present themselves with what they have a real chance to sell in the near future.

This phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular in the world (linking women's and men's shows, “see now buy now” collections, etc.). Do you see it as the next step towards sustainability? How important is the sustainability of fashion for FL! creators?

I’m not sure whether sustainability is the main issue for Slovak designers in their work. The paradox is, that although we can talk about slow fashion with a grain of salt, it's more a coincidence of social-economic situation than an intention.

Fashion LIVE! Organiser, Zora Husarčíková, Photo: Marika Beňadik Majorová (Tonbogirl)
Fashion LIVE! Organiser, Zora Husarčíková, Photo: Marika Beňadik Majorová (Tonbogirl)

Production of such a large event as FL! at present requires being constantly alert, ready to solve problems even before they appear. Apart from mental work, it’s also about physical work full running around, dealing with stuff, and dragging a large amount of things one place to another. When you’re facing a more challenging task, does it affect the way you dress? Do you own pieces that have "superpowers"?

I’d immediately go for garments with “superpowers”! For example, an invisible cloak! (I’m appealing to designers here, if you’ve got something like that, send it straight away together with your IBAN!)
What I do definitely influences what I choose to wear. At Fashion LIVE!, the designer, Hana Převrátilová, whose dress I was wearing, tactfully reminded me that sneakers don’t really make leg lines look good, but there was no other way. I wouldn’t make it without them …

Has any Slovak brand/designer you’ve had the opportunity to work with influenced your style? If so, how?

I think it’s actually the other way round. We reach for designer pieces or brands just because they somehow reflect our taste or style. The work of designers influenced me in the way that I’m more aware of details. Of how models are made or what materials are used.

Where do you see Fashion LIVE! in a few years? What would you like to change meanwhile? Both in reality and ideal conditions.

I’d like to see it as a stable event, mostly in its quality, as the event that isn’t just it and does not pass in a few days. On the contrary, I’d like Fashion LIVE! to become a platform that could help designers in expertise and offer them information or necessary networking to reach the even wider public. If I should wish it something to the next years, it would be ease. (No, I’m not joking, it would be money that would bring ease).