Talks on Fashion, Part Seven Michaela Bednárová
Puojd s.r.o, June 5, 2017

In the seventh interview on fashion, Marika Beňadik Majorová answered Jana Gappa Chrappová’s questions.

Marika Beňadik Majorová with daughter Mia, Photo: Michaela Dutková
Marika Beňadik Majorová with daughter Mia, Photo: Michaela Dutková

She loves design, fashion and art. She doesn’t keep her passion just to herself, but she gets it over. No pushing and with a feel. Besides being a consultant for Miška’s new collection, she also photographed the rest of us in the Talks on Fashion. Many register her right behind the lens - as Tonbogirl. She blogs about street fashion, women, mothers ... The world in her photos doesn’t hide behind retouching, and you won’t find any ballast in it. But that’s just a tenth of what this charismatic woman with a gentle smile does. My jaw always drops when I watch the projects her creative studio is behind. I wonder asking: How does she manage it all while still bringing up her little daughter? And with admiration, I bow before her peaceful radiance and modesty.

Marika, along with other mums, has recently come up with a great delight – the first year of a sales event of designer brands for kids Kid. detský shop up breaks out in the weekend of (24. – 26. 3.).

We know you as a very active woman. Hence, a typical question pushes in: How do you succeed in combining it all with rearing your daughter?

To be honest, I don’t even know how I’ve got no formula for it, I do things quite intuitively even when I consider them a lot. What I care about is that my little one is happy and satisfied, but it’s also important that her mother is happy and satisfied, so we both make efforts in that :). I spend time with her playing and with books, and she follows me in my meetings.
The only miracle formula in all that is my mother, she helps me a lot, and I wouldn’t make it without her. Mums are the best!

Marika Beňadik Majorová
Marika Beňadik Majorová

Has your attitude to clothing changed since you became a mother?

Absolutely. I’ve moved to so-called maternal minimal, and I’m developing in further. In principle, I turn around fewer pieces, but I’m sure about them, and the colour palette ranges from grey to black (ok, fine, also blue. And sometimes white.). That’s why I care if the garment stands the turning around and ideally, it must be versatile. I don’t wear any jewellery at the moment. But I can feel it’s just a phase, and I’ll once again get to the phase of greater diversity.

Marika Beňadik Majorová with daughter Mia, Photo: Michaela Dutková
Marika Beňadik Majorová with daughter Mia, Photo: Michaela Dutková

Do you now more intensively perceive fashion for children? Do you get high on fashion gadgets for Mia?

I enjoy fashion for children the most now, as Mia’s continually transforming from a baby to a little girl, it’s even more magical. I probably have no blow-offs, I combine popular world brands and the local ones, sometimes I complement them with second-hand or something given. It fascinates me how mothers operate on sustainable fashion principle - clothing circulates from mum to mum and goes to several children until it’s completely damaged.

You often photograph interesting women. How do they attract you? What do you first notice about women?

Radiation. It's the combination of holding posture, walking, facial expression, mood, and gestures. All that mixed creates ungraspable radiation that is easy for me to capture and it’s visible in the pictures. And when it’s combined with a feel for style and ideas in clothing, it’s joy and the reason to pull out my camera anywhere.

Have you ever dealt with any complexes? How does your perception of yourself change with age?

All my life, I’ve dealt with complexes, it used to be my height, I stood out yet during elementary school, at the PE, in the secondary school; until I realised that it’s actually pretty and I’ve lived with my 183 cm. Then it was the size of my feet and the inability to wear nice shoes, the shape of my legs (for some period, I refused to wear skirts). Now I wouldn’t call them complexes, they’re just realisations of strengths and weaknesses and working with them. I’ve got no time and age for complexes now.

You move around the world of art, fashion, advertising. What’s the most important thing these experiences have given you?

Hm, work morale, probably, and effort to be professional regardless of the size of a client, project. And to some extent, a craft and routine in the good sense of the word. The effort to look at things from their basis and building on them sensibly.

Where would you like to move professionally? Aren’t you thinking about something similar to Kapsula?

Kapsula was my sweetheart, a pop-up studio as a part of already defunct project Šafko. We were first in trying to have a regular pop-up platform in the space of a recycled shipping container. But it was just a question of time until I started with another experience. Now a bit bigger. Together with other four active mums, we’ve set out to organise the first big sales event of designer brands for children, kid. shop up . We’re now finishing preparations of its first year, and it will take place this weekend (24 – 26 March) in Stará tržnica. Since we’re used to making bigger and professional projects, that’s how we’ve taken the kid. too, and it’s demanding, but beautiful work. Come and have a look at the result, you’ll find there a special limited edition of clothes for children and accessories from Slovak designers, including Pound.

What would you wish to Slovak designers and fashion designers?

Luck for good marketers, someone who helps them with communication, marketing, identity, visibility - you can do it all in many ways, always fitted to a brand and personality of a designer. And they can focus more on making.

Marika Beňadik Majorová with daughter Mia
Marika Beňadik Majorová with daughter Mia

In what occasions you will wear pieces from Miška’s new collection? How will you mix them?
The Versatil Dress is my favourite piece from the new collection; it fits its name: it’s really versatile. Most often, I wear them as a top/bag, over jeans, with Converse, Chelsea boots, in winter and spring days, also for a regular day and for evening too. I like them not only because everybody asks me all the time what are they and where are they from.