Slovenský národný remix Michaela Bednárová
Puojd s.r.o, November 7, 2013

Modern mature Slovak can be recognised that he is wearing puojd and listens to Slovak national remix (and RadioFM).
From the start I’ve been blown away by the idea of Slovak national remix. The national anthem and national emblem are for Slovaks sensitive matters that have lost its purity, have aged and nowadays are associated more with shame rather than national pride (with the exception of sport events and thinking of older people). That’s why I’m happy for every new project that gives us a little hope that we can find people who can work with this topic in an intelligent and tasteful manner. Martina Slovakova’s project is unique also in combining work of various talented people. And puojd is proud to be part of it.

Slovak national remix and puojd have in common that we find the anthem and national emblem to be an interesting source of inspiration for an artist or designer and we can create good-class, long-term and popular project coming from this theme.
Who else could dress up Martina better for the occasion of Slovak national remix’s presentation than puojd?

For Martina, as for modern conscious slovak girl (she’s got it in her surname for what it’s worth), we created a tricolour skirt and a t-shirt printed with slovak emblems that we named after Martina.
All the important information about Slovak national remix can be found at the webpage
So listen to Radio
FM, download remixes, wear puojd and support good-class slovak art. Tonight at midnight you can enjoy the first amazing remix from the Uniques.
For Radio_FM’s live stream click here.