Puojd deva: Bety Majerníková Michaela Bednárová
Puojd s.r.o, November 7, 2013

Puojd appreciates Bety Majerníková not only as a successful designer, but also as a wonderful musician. This year her band Noisecut received the Radio_Head Award for the best single for their song Mariena (J.B.Kladivo cover). Puojd took care of band’s image for the awards and we are more than happy that the statue of the radio man could accompany those on T-shirts.

P: How did you get to music and how it all started with Noisecut?
B: Noisecut started in the last millennium, but we’ve been playing in today’s arrangement since 2005. It takes a while for people in the band to “tune-out”, while they resolve what they actually want. Every one of us has been playing in different bands before. With ease, I would compare the band to a relationship, it’s about an agreement, compromises, but the most important thing is chemistry and “love”. Noisecut is our love thing.

P: What are your biggest ambitions in music and which in the jewelry design?
B: Ambition. That’s a weird word. For me is important feedback, reaction of the audience, community, observers, laity, professionals. Of course, continuously you raise the bar of what you expect to be an appropriate feedback. For me my musical and designer art makes sense to me, as long as I have a feeling that I can express myself through it. That people interpret it and it gives them something. That’s the motor for me. I don’t know if I could create something and hide it in a drawer.

P: Honestly, did you expect Mariena to win the best single award?
B: Honestly saying, I didn’t. I am always ready for the worse scenario, I don’t watch movies. Aside from that, there was a rumour in RHA backstage that the Uniques are taking the award, so we were calm, relaxed and some of us quite drunk. But those are always the confirmed news, you shouldn’t listen to that.

P: If Mariena didn’t win, did you prepare a spare outfit for that case?
B: No, I didn’t, I was perceiving the outfit not as a winner, but as the author of the award, so I didn’t really have the problem with that, even if we hadn’t won the price. The boys were seeing that little bit differently. As we heard about Uniques’s victory, they started putting on sweaters over their t-shirts.

P: You are the author of the award. Have some of your peers from the music industry asked you to produce a fake award?
B: Of course! Actually, there’s a huge interest in the defected ones, which happen to be every year. I must confess, I made one fake award for one unnamed guitar player.

P: What do you appreciate more? Appraisal of critics, or appreciation from your fans?
B: This is obviously the tricky question. I would say that everyone wants to have something he doesn’t have. We got two awards from our fans and we appreciate them very much, but we didn’t get critics’ award. However, we got nominated and even that counts. So here’s my answer.

P: Does alternative music stand a chance against the mainstream? Is it still alternative music in that case?
B: Actually, what we call an alternative music here, not only in Europe, but in the whole world is proudly presented as pop music. Unfortunately, Slovak mainstream audience is not used to the slightest bit of invention and originality. Such efforts disturb them and dramaturgists are concerned about ratings. They would rather play proved foreign hits, which Slovak listeners don’t mind, because they are used to fact that what is from abroad is OK and everything national is awkward and suspicious. It’s all similar with art, design, movies, theatre. I could go on and on about this topic for a long time.

P: How much important is the image in Slovak musical industry? Do you have any idols / anti-idols as far as image is concerned?
B: In the band we have debates over this quite often. But the most important thing is the essence. When the music is bad, the band can look as best as they can and it’s gonna be bad and even a little bit ridiculous. On the other hand, good thing should be served nicely. I’m the esthetician in this and I think that years of hard work and education about this topic brings its fruit also in our band.
I like Puding Pani Elvisovej, Diego, Swanbride, Uniques, Youcoco. When you look at them, you feel something in them.
Anti-idol. Oh, I would rather stay quiet.

P: Your favourite piece by Puojd?
B: The dress I was wearing for RHA, without shadow of a doubt.

Noisecut - Mariena

Fotky / Photos by: Martina Mlcuchová