10 steps to create a collection Michaela Bednárová
Puojd s.r.o, January 20, 2014

1. First impulse...
comes when something ordinary becomes extraordinary like the beauty of a wood structure. I start to look around, searching for new impulses and inspiration in a forest. I think about what people would like to wear, I go to the woods a lot, I take pictures, I search...

Photo: Miš
Photo: Miš

2. The Concept
I think about the deeper meaning than just a nice appearance. What do I miss in everyday life? What do people need? How do we treat the nature? How can I help to develop city cycling?

Photo: Ondrej Synak
Photo: Ondrej Synak

3. Colours
I work with the photos, I harmonize colours into one collection, I search for the accent...

4. The collection line
Will the collection be sporty, urban or elegant? Who would I like to impress? I make sketches, I search for simple forms, so that the accent is on print and structure.

5. Fabric design
I pick up carefully the best quality fabrics, I want the collection to be functional and long-lasting. I make prints, I start to print samples of the designs, I send the designs to the digital print. I correct the results and modify them to the final look.

6. Production
I use Puojd´s traditional and verified cuts, I add small details or change some parts. Will there be a collar or a hoodie? Short or long sleeved t-shirt? Jacket or a sweater? I add some new pieces to each collection to make it unique.

7. Photo shooting
Once the collection is ready, I search for people to cooperate on its promotion. The first step is to make a fashion editorial. We cannot move forward without good pictures. The photo shooting gives the collection the atmosphere and a story.

8. To sell
After adding items to the e-shop you can buy Forest collection. Each product needs a good catalogue picture and exact text. I create original names for each item in my e-shop so you can personalise with the product.

9. Fashion show?
Sure, but is it enough? I think hard how to present the collection - I want to make things in unusual and unexpected way. I invent an idea about a fashion happening in a forest where people can experience unique performance. We make a fashion video about the happening

Photo: Alex Bališová
Photo: Alex Bališová

10. Your orders
The work here is done and I am happy that thanks to you Forest came to life in the city life.