What are we creating and why are we creating

Puojd creates Slovakia that you want to wear. Puojd presents Slovakia you want to live in. Our goal is to bring positive and fun perspective on our own country and our selves. We process Slovak themes creatively and we're looking for new points of view on matters that are contemporary in Slovakia. We want to bring joy for those who keep their positive thinking and hearts opened.
Our work includes creation of clothing and collections where the main goals are originality of prints, comfort, individuality and softness and by all means prettiness. But we look at it in non-conformist way and we take it outside the box of ideal proportions or glamour.

How do we create and where do we create

Conceptional thinking of professional designers is creating our collections as well as unique designer pieces and that's why is the aesthetics of processing on very high level. We cooperate with graphic and product designers and we use only Slovak letterings.
From the first idea to final making we focus on ethical processing and ecological effect. We do not produce excess. We support local production. Our products are made directly in Puojd workshop and in professional companies in Slovakia and in Czech Republic.
In order to maintain uniqueness we delight in variety of manufacturing processes and keep looking for new solutions for our ideas. We try to sustain tradition of Slovak industry and we are trying to advance what's left from Slovak textile industry and we support projects with the same spirit.

For whom do we create?

Puojd positive person is fun but critical at the same time. He takes care of his own and others destiny, is tolerant but does not follow crowds blindly. He is not a moaner. Our person picks up trash in the wood, because he takes care of the future of the nature and he likes to hang around the mountains. He knows the importance of culture and art and he does not indulge in pub talk. The true Puojd person says ľ in the word veľmi (a lot) and accepts the phonetical rule.

Who is creating in Puojd

Slovak designer brand Puojd was founded by energetic young designer Michaela Bednárováwhose idealism, humor and optimism needed to be vented somewhere. Her seeing of Slovakia reflects in a map of Slovakia-she uses it as pattern on cows skin; she also sets remains of communism into charming spikelet. Her work is a demonstration of beauty in everydayness.

Michaela manages the brand from aesthetic and ideological perspective and she invites colleagues that are top of their fields for cooperation. Lettering designer Ján Filípek created the super temporal logo of Puojd. OndrejJób, who is also mainly a lettering designer, composed the Puojd web site. During Puojd´s existence graphic designer Ado Juráčekinfluenced it significantly. Not only he designed gift-wrapping but he also created legendary chopping board with fun play on words claim “Sekajdobrotu! ”(Chop the good!) and thus brought new technique and new material into Puojd's portfolio.
And because the production is by farnot the final stage, Puojd relies on talents of the photographer Michaela Dutková who helps create the concept of all product pictures of Puojd.

Our services

Puojd studio offers a large variety of services-from the thorough creative ideas, proposals through final completion. We create graphic, textile and clothing designs that can slip into product design. What does it mean exactly? We can provide processing of their requirements in variety of versions- PR materials, advertising products, merchandise for their business, creative production photography for our clients... For a better idea please see our work portfolio and evaluations from our previous clients.

Impossible? We don't know such word!

We know a lot of textile technologies and we are not afraid to use them! Infinity print is our brand and you can find products printed by three different technologies in our portfolio- sublimation printing, digital printing and hand screen-printing. We weave, knit, pleat and laser cut. We do all that in companies from Slovakia and neighboring countries. And we could do more depending on the challenge from our clients or ourselves.